Saturday, May 1, 2010


My husband Jonathan and I are eagerly anticipating our first child. November seems like a long way away, but I know that it will come much more quickly than either of us realize. We are grateful that a baby is on the way. After three years of praying for our little one, we are beyond joyful. We had thought that we might not ever have children, but just when I was losing hope, I stumbled on this site: It gave me hope like nothing else I have encountered. Julia Indichova is the founder of the site and has walked with women deemed infertile by the medical community for over fifteen years. Through imagry and wisdom, she asks couples to ponder what a powerful and beautiful force the longing for a child is. Unlike 'infertility specialists' Julia chucks the statistics of egg count and age in the wastebasket and focuses instead on preparing the heart to conceive new life. Working with her has been healing for both my husband and I. Check out her website, watch a video showing the effect her work has had on women who were given hopeless prognosis, and see for yourself.

Peace to you all,
Northwoods mommy (to be!)

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